These cards are serious…. seriously funny!

Since we are on backorder, please print a card to give in place of the Man-PACK.

IOU Christmas card: IOU Christmas card

IOU Hanukkah Card: IOU hanukkah card

Friendly Advice, Christmas: christmas advice

Friendly Advice, Hanukkah:  advice Hanukkah

“Your Mom”- Chrsitmas: your mom christmas card

“Your Mom”- Hanukkah: your mom hanukkah card

Carry your own crap Christmas/Hanukkah card: Carry your own crap christmas.hanukkah card

Your Present is late Christmas/Hanukkah card: its late Christmas.hanukkah card

Your present is late “Happy Holidays” card: its late happy holidays









Congrats to John B. of Deltona. FL.!

He won a Man-PACK in the Man-PACK sweepstakes!

The epitome of Manliness!

Man-PACK  WINNER John B. of Deltona, FL

Man-PACK WINNER John B. of Deltona, FL says Man-PACK 2.0 is ideal for concealed carry. Read on…

Man-PACK followed up the successful release of their original Man-PACK bag with the new Man-PACK “Classic” 2.0.

Successfully funded by Kickstarter last year, the tough, durable, multi-purpose Man-PACK “Classic” 2.0 comes with several improvements over the original design, such as a large padded main compartment for 8″x11″ files, iPads, Kindles, and small laptop PCs, a neoprene lined back pocket for a tablet, PC or a concealed carry firearm, a larger and re-positioned cell phone pocket, bigger interior pockets, standard MOLLE webbing for tactical gear and sunglasses, adjustable chest strap with quick-release clasp and utility pocket, and much more.

The Man-PACK Classic 2.0 is available in three different colors: Olive Drab, Black and Brown. It comes with a manufacturer suggested retail price is $59.95. See below for additional details…

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Here is a great review from our men in blue at!

By: Frank Borelli 7/21/2014,

So, there I was…  stalking through the jungle in between more tents than I thought possible.  Then I realized, I WAS in Tent City during Police Week in Washington, DC and it IS called Tent City for a reason: There are over 100 vendors displaying their products and services under “tents” they rent from the DC FOP.  In one of them I found a product on display called the Man-PACK.  I had to stop and take a look…

What I discovered was a gentleman who had gotten tired of high-priced, multi-purpose (beyond belief), multi-camouflaged…  well, you get the idea. He’d gotten tired of ALL of the miscellaneous packs on the market that were perfect for (fill in your own blank because there’s a high priced specialty pack for everything).  What he wanted, and ended up designing himself, was a simple sling pack that would carry his day to day basic necessities, including a gun, and not cost an arm and a leg.  He wanted it adjustable enough to feel custom, available in a few basic colors, and simple enough to be of use to everyone without a master’s degree in engineering.  Enter the Man-PACK…continue

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We don’t say “Holidays”, we say “Christmas!” 

And Happy New Year too!

And Happy Birthday to the Man-PACK man! (bet you didn’t know he was a Christmas baby?)

For all you guys out there freaking out because you have procrastinated and not bought presents… Here are some cards to buy you some time… courtesy of Man-PACK.

Just click on the links below, print them up, and order your buddy a Man-PACK!

your mom

“Your Mom” Christmas card

“Friendly advice” Christmas card

“Can’t wait” Christmas card

Man-PACK is elated to announce professional athlete Doug Brown as one of our spokespersons! Doug is a pro-skateboarder, motivational speaker, author, and founder of “Skate Straight,” an organization devoted to enhancing the character of youth through skateboarding. “Brown wholeheartedly believes in positive change and the importance of hope and optimism.” That’s pretty cool and a message we believe in sharing and promoting! Thank you Doug for being a super-cool guy, and investing yourself in the development our youth. Check back for updates on events and appearances of Doug Brown! Learn more at:

Doug Brown sports the Man-PACK!

Doug Brown sports the Man-PACK!



Man-PACK launches new “Classic 2.0” on

Front Royal, VA- Man-PACK is proud to announce the release of their newest men’s carry bag, the “Classic 2.0” on The 2.0 Man-PACK is using to test the market for this new product, build brand awareness, expand the product line, and increase the consumer base for Man-PACK domestically and internationally. The Kickstarter campaign is currently at 43% of a $40,000 goal with thirty days left in the campaign which ends July 25th, 2013. “The feedback from Kickstarter has been great” said company President Aaron Tweedie. “The consumers are describing it as an ‘urban tactical’ bag that has style and utility. And most importantly… It doesn’t look like a purse!”

“Every day customers are sharing their uses for the Man-PACK, including concealed carry bags, diaper bags, diabetic bags, concealed carry bags, motorcycle bags, school bags, work bags, and the list goes on. It’s amazing to see a product that consumers are finding so useful.” Says Tweedie. “We’re excited and seeing great success using the Kickstarter platform for this new product launch.”

Since launching the Kickstarter campaign, Man-PACK has received orders from Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Evidence of the strong international demand for this new product and brand. Everywhere in the world men want to be prepared, Man-PACK makes that possible.


About “Classic 2.0”

The Man-PACK is an ergonomically designed sling style vertical messenger bag made of heavy duty canvas. Designed with the modern male in mind, it that can be worn three ways; over one shoulder, on the back, and on the front of the body. The strap is adjustable and has a quick release clasp. There is also a collapsible beverage holder.

The Classic 2.0 is the new and improved Classic version based on feedback from customers including. A padded pocket for tablet PCs or concealed firearms. Molle webbing to secure carabiners, tactical gear, and sunglasses. A larger cell phone pocket with magnetic button clasp. And larger pockets with new layout.

About Man-PACK

Man-PACK was founded in 2011 by Aaron Tweedie introducing a single product, the Man-PACK “Classic” edition. Designed by Aaron Tweedie, the Man-PACK Classic launched in 2012 online at

Man-PACK’s mission statement is “To make men more prepared, like a Boy Scout.”

For more information, please visit


To learn more about the Man-PACK Kickstarter campaign, please contact us.