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'Traveler' Premium Leather Wallet



The Man-PACK 'Traveler' Premium Leather Wallet is sleek, stylish, and indestructible. In fact, we’re so confident in the durability that we’ve given it a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If it ever fails we’ll replace it, free of charge.  It’s time to retire the old wallet and get the Man-PACK quality ‘Traveler’ Premium Leather Wallet. (There is even a “Man Card” included in each wallet for the esteemed man.)

-100% Full Grain Premium Leather                                                                              -Hand Made Craftsmanship                                                                                          - Lifetime Warranty                                                                                                        -Satisfaction Guarantee                                                                                                - Measures 3.75" W x 4.75" L when folded.

Reasons you need this...                                                                                              1. Your old wallet probably looks like it's been chewed on by a dog.                            2. You need a new wallet. Duh...                                                                                  3. It has a lifetime warranty... Duh. You can't lose on this deal.