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About Man-PACK - Learn more about the Man-PACK story

The Man-PACK® was born of Tweedie’s necessity.

While he was a general contractor, Aaron started searching for a bag that was durable enough for a construction site. It needed to look masculine so the other guys wouldn’t make fun of him, and it needed to be useful enough to carry everything. It also needed to be affordable.

After shopping around, Aaron noticed that there wasn’t anything on the market that would suit his needs. So, being a builder, Aaron decided to design and manufacture his own and the concept of the Man-PACK® was born! He went through prototype after prototype, refining the product at every step. It needed to be strong enough, light enough, and small enough for adventure.

Voila! A hit product is born.

The objective of the original prototype was to make Aaron more prepared… . And now the mission statement of the Man-PACK® brand states just that: “To make men more prepared…”

About Aaron

Aaron graduated from Old Dominion University in 2006 with a BSBA. His major was marketing. He made his way through college as an entrepreneur, building and selling houses as he went. Aaron has been a millworker, waiter, infantryman, insurance salesman, car salesman, Realtor, and building contractor. Most importantly, he’s a committed father. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention he is also bringing the coolest product of the century to men around the world!